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  • Colorway (Kunshan) Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    ◇   Colorway Solvent Dyestuff
    ◇   Metal complex dye
    Add: 303#, Nansong RD, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.
    Zip: 215300
    Tel: +86-512-57515288
    Fax: +86-512-57515287
    E-mail: info@chdye.com
    Foreign trade department: wm@solventdyes.com
    Colorway (Kunshan) Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a domestic excellent solvent dyes manufacturer. Advanced manufacturing technique and strict qualitycontrol have ensured high quality products and good service for clients.

    Our "Caizhiyuan" fluorescence, transparent and metal complexing series products are well received by clients for their more complete chromatogram, brighter color and more
    reasonable price.Fluorescence, transparent series dyes are widely used in dyeing various kinds of plastics(such as PS, AS, ABS, PMMA, PET, PBT, PC, RPVC, P A, PP and PE etc.)and decoration materials, paint, printing ink and plastic color master batch etc.. They are also used in dyeing terylene and polypropylene etc..

    Metal complexing series dyes can be widely used in dyeing wood, aluminium-foil paper, leather and other low-bake finish(50-60°C). In order to avoid environmental pollution caused by dust and protect users' health, our company has developed liquid dyes, which have almost the same properties of dust dyes, but only 30% concentration of dust dyes.

    Facing future, we will abide by the enterprise philosophy of "developing, keeping improving". Taking developing products on clients' requirements", our company would like to establish sincere cooperative relationships with friends at home and abroad for a bright future.
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