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  • Colorway (Kunshan) Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    ◇   Colorway Solvent Dyestuff
    ◇   Metal complex dye
    Add: 303#, Nansong RD, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.
    Zip: 215300
    Tel: +86-512-57515288
    Fax: +86-512-57515287
    E-mail: info@chdye.com
    Foreign trade department: wm@solventdyes.com

    Service principle: correctitude, neither humble nor pert
    (I). "Three fast": 
    Fast and accurately solve questions put forward by customers;
    Fast and accurately solve questions put forward by suppliers;
    Fast and accurately solve the problems in the company
    (II). Leaders serve for staffers; this procedure serve for next procedure; the whole company serve for customers

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